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Today’s resume is a way to present your skills to potential employers. This is their first impression of you and can help you stand out from other applicants. Having an effective resume is instrumental in a competitive job market.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you are creating or updating your resume.

1. Always make sure your resume is updated. Never send out an outdated resume. It should be a reflection of all your job experience.

2. Use a layout that is organized. Start chronologically with your current position and work back to your last position.

3. Keep the font simple and avoid using too much color. Make sure font is appropriate size and readable. It is OK to selectively apply bold and italic to help guide the eye.

4. Make sure to highlight your accomplishments and not just your job duties. If you were able to help a company achieve a goal or cut costs, specify this on your resume.

5. Incorporate industry keywords in to your resume. Do not overdo it but try to incorporate language specific to your industry.

6. Make sure to proofread your resumes. You do not want to send a resume with spelling errors or grammatical errors.

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